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dear mr. and mrs. smiths,

����last saturday i had a wonderful night at your home. your were so kind and so warm to me, which made me feel as if i were at my own home. the food mrs. smith cooked tasted so delicous that i had to say it was the most delicous food that i had ever had in the past few years.

����thank you for having invited me to your home and given me such a wonderful night!



��������ӣ���л�� ƪ2

dear ellen,

����i am writing to you to give our thanks for your kind enterainment. both you and bob are wonderful hosts. we did have a big dinner and a happy time at your home last night.

����we could hardly draw oureslve away from your house when we left. again i am grateful for your invitation and kindness. you are welcome to my home at any time.

����please say hello to your husband,bob,and your daughter margaret.




��������ӣ���л�� ƪ3

dear tom:

����how are you recently? also one month before christmas i remember it?

����hospitality your family so i spent most of my life happy, the happiest christmas, i am grateful to the loyal, and i hope you the whole family can take the opportunity to visit my family.

����your friends


��������ӣ���л�� ƪ4

dear prof. herthwell,

����many thanks for your kind hospitality and the honor you showed me during our delegation's recent visit to your university.

����it was nice of you to introduce me to so many of your famous professors and celebrated scholars at your university. we had a safe and sound trip home. now we have resumed our work.

����meanwhile, i hope you will someday pay a short visit to our university and give us some lectures on ��modern western economics��. please have no hesitation in writing to me if you want me to do something for you in china.

����with best wishes.

����sincerely yours

����li dong

��������ӣ���л�� ƪ5

dear tommy,

����i am writing to extend my sincere gratitude for you timely returning admission ticket to me.

����if it had not been for your assistance in warmheartedly picking up my admission ticket and getting it back to me, i fear that i would have been missed(��ϊmissing) my law exam held for once a year.

����every one agrees that it was you who came to help me and saved me from the trouble. again, i would like to express my warm thanks to you! please accept my gratitude.

����yours sincerely

����jane yang

��������ӣ���л�� ƪ6

dear mike,

����how'is it going?i'm glad to receive the nice gift from you.it really suiprised me when i found it's an english dictionary.

����you know i like learning english and a dictionary is the very thing i need.it can help improve my english.so i feel very lucky to he a friend like you.and ,if you don't mind,i'd like you to he a family dinner with us.you can also stay at my home during your trip to china.we will treat you as our family member and you won't be regret.

����wish you a nice trip.now, i can't wait to see you next month !


����li hua

��������ӣ���л�� ƪ7

dear eleven,

����i am writing to extend my sincere gratitude for your encouragement to me. if it had not been for your assistance in my olympic game in maths. i fear that i would have been give it up early.

����every one agrees that it was you who encouraged me to persist on the game all the time and always helped me make a lot of preparations for the game, so i had the confidence in myself and won the game at last. again, i would like to express my warm thanks to you! please accept my gratitude.

����yours sincerely

����li ming

��������ӣ���л�� ƪ8

dear grace,

����i'm writing to tell you that i've got home now. i wish to express my gratitude to you for thewonderful holiday i spent with your family members. during the holiday, you taught me how toswim, boat and fish. i really appreciate your taking time off work to show me around so manyplaces.

����your wife is such a wonderful cook! i think i must have gained 10 pounds only in one week.surely, i've spent a happy and unforgettable vacation. thanks again.

����i hope you will be going to visit us sometime. let's keep in touch.

����truly yours


��������ӣ���л�� ƪ9

dear friends,

����i am writing this letter to thank you for you warm hospitality accorded to me during my recent visit to beijing.

����i would also like to thank you for your interesting discussion with me which i have found very informative and useful.

����during the entire visit, i was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm expressed by you.

����i sincerely hope we could have more exchanges.

����i am looking forward to your early visit to my hometown when i will be able to pay back some of the hospitality i received during my memorable stay in beautiful beijing. with kind personal regards.

����faithfully yours


��������ӣ���л�� ƪ10

dear mr. and mrs. smith,

����i am now back to china safe and sound. in this letter i would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to you and your lovely children for your kindness and hospitality to host me when i was in new york. your generous help and tender care made me feel warly welcomed and

����transformed my first american trip into a beautiful memory.

����i do hope that your whole family pay a visit to china in future, so that i could have the opportunity to repay your friendship. i assure you that you would enjoy visiting here as i did at your home.

����i feel obliged to thank you once more.


  li ming