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����at the request of mr. xizhen chen, my former student in the department of computer science, beijing univ. of sciences, i am glad to write this letter furnishing my evaluation of his academic aptitude for your reference. mr. chen is interested in your graduate program in computer science.

����i came to know him in september 1987 when mr. chen enrolled in my class on fortran iv programming, a three semesters' course. in the class he was one of the most outstanding students. at the semester final he earned a high grade of 81, which should be "a" according to our grading system. i also found him good at other studies.

����after the class, he had personal talks with me several times. he indicated a great interest in computer hardware, in my opinion, mr. chen has a potential in computer science, which can be further developed.

����in view of his previous achievements in this college, i am firmly convinced that mr. chen will make a successful graduate student. your favorable consideration of his admission will be highly appreciated.