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����to whom it may concern,i am writing this letter to attest to paul��s skills in language and public relations.in the four years i have known him, i have been consistently impreed with his ability not only to negotiate complex ideas in other languages, but also to relate these things in a personable, conscientious fashion.his manner in these cases is both profeional and personal, two qualities which i find particularly valuable in a profeional setting.he has personally helped me in profeional negotiation for everything from train tickets to contract information, and i have

����always been able to count on first met paul in school, where he was a student at the university at which i taught.he was well-known to most of the westerners in town, who could call from different universities to ask for his help.sometimes this help involved translation of profeional documents, and sometimes it involved personal help in making phone calls.many of these westerners continue to call him today, even though they live quite far away from him, because they have come to trust him very much.from this foundation in public relations paul has found positions in various profeional capacities and has been highly-valued in each place.he is generally the sort of employee a company finds most valuable in its dealings with both foreign and domestic clients.he puts people at their ease with his language ability and manner, both of which communicate to people that

����they can relax and simply would highly recommend paul as an employee.his experience and manner are rare and very moorementor








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dear colleagues:

����ms.xxx requested a letter of reference from me to support her application for graduate studies at your university.as her research adviser when she was a graduate student in my school of science beijing university of chemical technology, i am pleased to comply with her request.( ui have known ms.zhang since xx, when she was admitted as a master of science candidate into the school.as her research adviser, i directed her research and found her a promising youth radiating with intelligence and creativity.during her first year, she got a very good record in major courses and earnd good scores major and general gpa she particularly enjoyed challenging areas of studies such as quantum chemistry and

����theory of the following two years, ms.zhang worked on a computational theory study of inorganic functional materials project for his degree thesis ��theoretical study of electronic structures of several representative metal element in the hydrotalcite slabs��.to make the theory model meet the actual materials, she faced down many practical problems, such as building reasonable module of inorganic materials, and calculation techniques.working hard and independently, she cracked the problems one by one, and came up with a thesis that was characterized by academic excellence.during her period, she had three papers published in international by her outstanding performance while she studied with me, i am convinced that ms.zhang has acquired the knowledge and intellectual sophistication on the basis of which she can undertake world-cla

����training.i therefore lend her my enthusiastic support and would appreciate your favorable consideration of her application.