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dear :

����i am writing to invite you to join me in (city name) and to stay with me here for three years until my current course finishes in december 20xx. i am also sending you a set of documents, listed below, for your use in connection with your application for entry clearance to enter the uk as my dependant.

����i confirm that i will be responsible for financing our stay in the uk and that of our child, . i will provide for our daily expenses and the cost of our accommodation. a copy of my tenancy agreement are enclosed as evidence of the arrangement that i have already made for our housing.

����the documents that i am sending you with this letter comprise: (a) photocopy of

����relevant pages from my passport.(b) an official university of nottingham letter confirming the details of my mphil/phd course.(c) a letter from my university sponsor giving details of the scholarship i am receiving for my current course of study (d) my most recent three months bank statements from my uk bank account. (e) a copy of my tenancy agreement. for further information, i can be contacted at the above address.

����take care. love you

����your husband


������name��, residing at ��your oversea address postcode��, would like to invite my mother, father and sister, residing at��your parents�� chinese address�� , china p r, to visit me in uk for about two months starting from 1 july.

����the purpose of the visit is for my graduation on 17 july, as well as tourism within uk. during their visit, they will stay with me at the above address and i will be responsible for all their expenses including the round trip air fare to uk, food, housing, travelling within uk, insurance and all other expenses.

����i will make sure that my parents and my sister will leave uk before the expiration of their authorized stay. please kindly grant them temporary resident visas.

����please do not hesitate to contact me via telephone at 0044-7 or e-mail me at @qmul.ac.uk if you have any questions.

����best regards,




































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