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����prof. dr. 0000


����center for fluorescence and spectroscopy

����department of biochemistry and molecular biology

����university of maryland school of medicine

����725 west lombard street, baltimore, maryland 21201,

����dear prof. dr. 0000

����i take great pleasure in writing this letter of recommendation for dr. 0000 to support his application for a postdoctoral position in your lab. dr. 000 is an outstanding graduate student working for the m.s. degree under my supervision. in my contact with him in the university, his creativity and attitude to research work gave me deep impression. he always proposed new ideas on his research and could

����resolve problems by himself, i was very satisfied with him. dr 000 has been working on molecular luminescence research about six years. as i know, most of his researches have been concentrated on bioanalytical chemistry in his masters work, such as protein and nucleic acids assays etc. in these fields, dr. 000 has strong background and research ability. he has and would be published several papers in international journals. i am often interested in reading his papers in publication and discussing with him. i am very appreciated of his research ability. dr 0000 also possesses very fine character. he is a devoted research worker. he works on weekends. he is an honest and smart, reliable and responsible person, and is very cooperative too. based on these qualities, i believe this young man will achieve greater academic success in his future work. therefore, i strongly support his application, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could give him your favorable consideration.

����please feel free to contact me if i can answer any additional questions about 00000. my address is as follows:

����professor 00000


����p. r. china

����your sincerely

����professor of analytical chemistry



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