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����good morning. i am very glad to be here for this interview.

����first let me introduce myself. my name is lishuai, and my english name is jacky lee. i've finished my undergraduate education in xidian university, majoring in electronic science and technology in the college of technical physics.

����i am open-minded, willing and have broad interests like basketball, reading and especially in engineering such as software programming, website design, hardware design. for example, during the past four years, i have accomplished two websites: one is the website of our school, and the other is the website of the doctor forum of china 20xx. furthermore, i am interested in c plus plus programming language and have written some application programs. in july in the last year,i finished my graduate project with flying colors,which was a software application about image process . in addition, i have also finished some projects about embedded system by using mcu when i was a junior.

����although i have broad interests in many aspects and grasp the essential knowledge of the major, but i think at present, i can do many things in a superficial level, but not be competent to do things professionally owing to lack of ample knowledge and ability. so i think further study is still urgent for me to realize self-value.

����the major that i hope pursue for my further education is ic design. because i find integrated circuits are playing a more and more important role in our modern society. and nowadays in china, with the recognition by the government, our domestic integrated circuits industry is growing rapidly and that may provide a lot of chances to us.

����i plan to concentrate on study and research in this field in my graduate time. and i hope i can form a systematic view of micro electronics and ic design technology and make a solid foundation for future profession after three years study here.

����ok, that��s all. thank you very much.







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����good morning, dear distinguished professors!

����i am li ming. you can call me jacky if you��d like to. i am from chang��an university majoring in electronic science and technology.

����i worked very hard for the past 4 years and was rewarded with the national encouragement scholarship for one time and the university scholarship for twice in a row. at the same time, i was elected as the ��outstanding student leader�� because of my excellent practical capacity.

����i have also participated in some social practices including visiting the nursing home and organizing the charity donation, and i have also been the intern in the faculty office by doing some executive jobs. i always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning.

����i am deeply impressed by the learning atmosphere of this university. i plan to concentrate on study and research in my professional field. and i hope i can form a systematic view of electronic science and make a solid foundation for future profession after three years�� study here.

����i have a strong sense of responsibility so that i will try to finish all the works assigned to me. also, i am careful enough to do the jobs well.

����in my spare time, i always read some classic novels which, in my opinion, can help me improve my ability to understand and communicate with others.

����i would be very honored if you could grant me the opportunity to study in this university. that��s all about me. thank you!